Electric Wire Rope Winches

CSH-250 250KG 5M



  • Light Weight and Compact Design. Allow easy installation.
  • High Strength Strap offers smoother winding. Eliminates load rotation problem with wire rope or chain. Straps do not chip or spark.
  • Equipped with upper limit switch to prevent over lifting.
  • Suitable for work place requires stricter levels of cleanliness.
  • Triple brakes design provide slip free operation
  • Permanent magnetic motor features constant output and low noise level.
  • Can operate on standard domestic power supply and equip with industrial plug
  • Standard Compliance: CE Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, CE EMC Directive 2014/30/EU , Safety of machinery EN 60204-32:2008






Specification/Part Numbers
  • Part Number : PN 472520 220V
  • Duty Cycle : 25% ED, 63% Load
  • Motor Output : 300W
  • Voltage : 200~240V AC, 1ph
  • Lifting Load : 250 kg
  • Gear Ratio : 216 :1
  • Line Speed : 5~6 M/min
  • Lifting Height : 5 M
  • Brake :  Spring applied drag brake + Drag brake + Motor Dynamic brake
  • Drum : Ø90 x Ø140 x 53mm
  • Strap : 50mmx1.2mmx5.5M (breaking strength1,500kg)
  • Control : 5M(Emergency Stop Button)
  • Protection : Upper Limit Switch
  • Hoist Weight:16 kg
  • Gross Weight: 20.5 kg
  • Box dimension  453 x 329 x 355 mm


  • The hoist is not intended to be used in any manner for the movement or lifting of personnel.
  • The strap winding on the drum shall remain 3 wraps on the drum and must not be used to ensure safe operation.
  • Strap may break under unnoticed conditions. Operate the strap hoist away from the strap operating area and perform regular maintenance..

Dimension mm/in: 


Standard Accessories:  

  • Strap
  • Remote control w/emergency stop w/cord :1.25 mm2 x 6C x 5 m
  • Industrial plug: 1.5 mm2 x 3C x 3 m
  • Weight hook
  • Hook


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