With the aim of expanding its activities, El. Kapundalis & Co., fully understanding the new market needs, has created an industry specializing in renting lifting equipment and equipment.

Today, El.Kapountalis & Co provides the complete solution in the Hire of Machinery and Equipment.

What are the advantages of renting:

  1. Reliability of machinery
    Reliable and well-maintained machinery by branded manufacturers ensures trouble-free use.
  2. Emphasis on safety
    The machines are thoroughly inspected prior to delivery and are accompanied by a leaflet with instructions for use. The delivery demonstrates the use and information on the proper and safe use of machinery by our well-trained staff.
  3. Immediate technical intervention
    Our mobile units operate on the spot as soon as the slightest problem occurs, reducing holiday time.
  4. Delivery to the workplace
    If desired, the machines are delivered to your place of work on time and economically.
  5. Advisory support
    Our staff can suggest the solution that best suits your needs.

10 reasons to rent:

  1. You do not commit money for the purchase.
  2. You do not need storage space for the tools.
  3. You don’t waste money on maintenance.
  4. You have no fear of loss or theft.
  5. You do not experience damage due to use.
  6. They are readily available.
  7. You have a technology refresh.
  8. Your hands are working professionally.
  9. You pay only what you need for the day, week or month.
  10. You enjoy the privilege of a special rate when you rent a package.

The rental fleet machinery is available for:

  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Lease (ShortTerm)
  • LongTerm
  • Rental Purchase Option

At El.Kapountalis & Co. we offer solutions for: Technical Companies, Construction Companies, Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, Industries, Warehouses, Transportation Companies, Public and Private.

Available Products